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Gora Web series Review : If you also feel the same, then brand-new detective in town Gourav Sen, is just made for you. The curious chronicle of “Aagagora”, ie. detective Gora and his friend cum assistant cum driver cum would be brother-in-law Sarathi, is at the same time assimilation of comedy, drama, suspense and thriller. The central character of the series, Gora himself, is a fascinating persona. We don’t get to know the origin of the titular character Gora; how he started his journey as detective, how eventually Sarathi joined him and how he became famous all over Kolkata.

The story and the backdrop of Gora, has all the qualities to become a perfect detective mystery novel, like Gora lives in an aged house North Kolkata, with his thirteen years younger sister and his mother. His friend Sarathi works as his assistant while he solves crime, and drives a vintage car. These all qualities give us notions of nostalgia, that creates a perfect balance for a fictional detective character.

When we, audience very first enter at Gora’s room, we get a chance to look how disorderly Gora’s life is, but he has interest in many subjects at the same time, where most subjects are related to criminal investigation. These two things give us a hint, may be Gora is a genius. Even the belief that a private detective, who is very famous by his name and appearance around Kolkata, and Police inspector himself feels hopeless without detective Gora’s help and always eager to work side by side with the detective is itself a fantasy. But how Gora is introduced to audience and how his character is developed and nurtured stands in contrary with the classic macho model of criminal investigator.

Gora Web series Review : Successfully Breaking the Conventional Mould

In the very first introductory scene, Gora is deliriously playing harmonium and singing a song filled with clues from the serial killing case with zero rhyme or melody, because he can’t remember very simple things in his life! For instance, every time Gora takes someone’s name it would be wrong or misspoken. For him saying Supriya, becomes Suchorita or Suchitra or Sunetra! He is very oblivious in nature, behaves tetchy and impatient with everyone and moreover, cannot tolerate women. But still detective Gora has a sharp observation for clues, perfect estimation for important events, happenings, and most of all according to inspector Sorkhel, He is the unbeatable solution for serial killing cases.

We have to admit, Rittwik Chakraborty is just terrific at playing the titular character. In long hair and thick stubble, he is embibed in the role of the mad genius. He remarkably imbibes both comedy and intensity in the character. Suhotra Mukhopadhyay Suhotra Mukhopadhyay as assistant Sarathi is competing in nuances with Rittwik in every scene. In fact, the chemistry between Rittwik and Suhotra is most enjoying. The interactive shots between Gora and Sarathi, specially where Gora is saying a name “Tapabon Bhalukdar”, and Sarathi is trying to decipher the actual name of the person, is just marvelous! While they are trying to solve “monstrous” serial killings of writers in city, Ishaa Saha looking sweet, cute and lovable in her newlywed mrs. Somlata Avatar is bringing her own problem to titular detective. She has a problem of sleepwalking at night and while doing that, she harms her family members.

Sahana Dutta as story and scriptwriter of ‘Gora’, has created this whole world, and has also delivered a fine job by her brilliantly written dialogues. Screenplay and dialogue are written in a such a way, that kept the novelty tone parallel throughout the web series. LCinematography is very good as well as the editing. But this well executed web series doesn’t live above its flaws.

Sometimes Gora’s forgetfulness seems over the top in the later episode of the series. How a man can forget another man’s appearance in few seconds! It is good that the makers, hasn’t input slapstick comedy or non-veg punchlines to add more laughter, may be that’s why they added some exaggerated situations. The detective hero trope is successfully bent in this series, but still at the climax scene, on the process of revealing the culprit, there had to be a gathering of all characters involved in the crime or members of victim family is cliché and disappointing. We have seen actress Sakshi Nandy playing lead heroine in Pradipta Bhattacharya’s ‘Birohee’. Here, in ‘Gora’ playing an aged wife of writer Tapan Talukdar, doesn’t convince audience much. Debraj Bhattacharya (from ‘Chick Flick’), Ananya Sen, Abhijit Guha all have a little to do. The script of ‘Gora’ has not given much to them.

Over all ‘Gora’ is perfect for your bingelist with its top notch performances, story, dialogue, and execution. Plot becomes more intense as the story progress. We can say ‘Gora’ surely ranks among top web series of 2022 as well as top detective series in Bengali. On M.Y. Opinion, Gora is 75 percent OK and 80 percent OP.

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